32. Indonesian Economy System

32. Indonesian Economy System

INDONESIAN economic system that’s across the street Indonesia, indonesia is when the players left to play in the segment segment segment of the left and right players to play on the right so long as they adhere to the principle that if Muslims just pay the zakat, whereas for the non-Muslims pay the “zakat”. In both not taxable.

When players enter the segment of the left and right sides to take food from there and so instead will be taxable to them.

In addition, the banking system there are two kinds. For a Muslim, automatically using Islamic methods. As for the non-Muslims, automatically using the conventional way.

It’s just that, to achieve INDONESIA existing road across Indonesia, Indonesia need time 9 years. And, in that time there was no national lavatory … Any name! National leadership and so on, please read on paved Road to Indonesia Raya. As for the rest, take a look at Life on Land Noto Numbers Start A Revolution of Justice. That’s real change.

History has proven, turn left into the gap, turn right into the ocean. In front of a steep cliff, and behind the right … almost impossible.
INDONESIAN economic system, pattern of poverty will be cut by itself.


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    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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    Bahasa INDONESIA nya dunk om…

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