Dance Raja Garuda

Dance Raja Garuda

The words “dance” a little more imagination leads you to the realm of dance. In fact, the word is used to disguise the motion is meant to achieve the objectives to be achieved without having to fall victim, both of the parties as well as from those who menungging. King is the symbol of a leader that all motion would be a role model behavior by followers / his people. Although hard to admit, paternalistic culture is firmly attached to the Indonesian nation. No matter of ethnicity, religion, race, or strata to which they belong. Meanwhile, Garuda is a symbol for the Indonesian nation. That said, the eagle is the king of birds in folklore.

Literally, actually is meant by Dance Raja Garuda is a maneuver in managing livelihood number of nation and state. Numbers to maneuver? Where possible, the number is abstract. If the argument is that you spend it with all due respect, you are wrong. In certain conditions, the numbers are abstract. However, by using the System Numbers Indonesia, the abstract numbers into concrete. Example: Se-Indonesia = 10 128

The value can be found in Indonesia because of the number Noto (1064) has meragakan Dance Raja Garuda. You confused? Honestly, I understand. For too long have you been drinking “cekokan” lessons from the teacher “here” with science “there”. 64 years Indonesia has made the nation more foreigners become familiar with their own nation state. You should be aware, you people of Indonesia. Therefore, there lived a manner Indonesia, think how Indonesia, the Indonesian people should behave lakulah. Am I patronizing you? No, never. You are too smart to digurui!

I have often written, Indonesia is a civilization, not just the nation state. As a civilization, it all together, whole, and unified. Indonesia is not Java, not Sumatra, not Kalimantan, Sulawesi no, not Papua, or the other. Indonesia was there alone, having its own territory, has its own system. Indonesia does not talkative even though living in the world who are sick because latahisme …

Any motion of dignified behavior. Therefore, the ultimate goal to be achieved is keridhoan Lord of Hosts, not the mortal world and its contents. Put all the people in this country agree on something, but, if God Almighty does not want then there will be just his way to warn / reject it. For that, let’s pause and reflect on the history of the nation.
You still do not realize that there is something wrong in this nation’s education? Criterion is easy, if you reject some and or / the entire contents of this blog is my distance with you is as far as east and west. That means, you are not yet aware. However, if we accept the distance as close as your thumb with the index finger – and that is, you have been aware. I’m not forcing you to trust me. For, who can force you are your own personal self. I was not going to patronize you. Because, your true teacher is in your own heart. He will never leave you stuff sedetikpun …

He will not lie to you. He also will not reap the benefits of your behavior. He will always show the straight and true so that you survive in life now and in later life.

Indeed, global offering all the luxury and pleasure. But remember, everything is full of trickery trap. Still would argue much less? Still going to hide in where else? Sorry, your teacher has been assessed by Hymn Without a Signs Master Service. That is, the value of the education they provide is the Big Zero for INDONESIA. So, you MUST be “brave” taught himself to fly … Learning itself is not meaningful without a teacher!

Perhaps you ask, what is the relationship between all of this with the existing writings on this blog? The question is reasonable. This blog is my fersi Dance Raja Garuda. Could be, do you think would be different because we use different approaches. I use numbers because the approach is relatively safe for all. Reality shows political approach has been eating the victim (case 1965), the military approach was three-quarter money (the case of Aceh and other DOM), the economic approach was simply producing natural resource exploitation on the one hand and poverty on the other side of the exhibition, and who knows what else .

However, keep in mind that prolonged debate will only result in disintegration. See the end of the Constituent Assembly, already drained of energy, the edges are countered by the Presidential Decree, July 5, 1959. Therefore, the attitude legowo to be proved. If wrong, wrong Confess. No need to blame someone else. Yet, in this era of highly transparent, all seem transparent and nearly naked. Or in other words, all cards are dead. So, naturally if Allah SWT. lower warning or perhaps already reached the stage of his punishment.

In the end, the Indonesian nation must have the courage to learn again to lay a more solid base on the foundation that already exists. The trick is to pause to build truth upon truth. Learning again is not identical to return to school. A place for former students are learning in real life and that a teacher is head of state, though only a day. When? Whether …


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